A Short History of Harbour Chambers

Harbour Chambers was established on 1 April 1991 with four founding members: Hugh Rennie QC, Christopher Hodson QC, John Walker and Jane Lovell-Smith.

Since its official opening by Lord Cooke of Thorndon, on 12 June 1991, Harbour Chambers has continued to grow and is now in its twenty-third year. It was one of the first barristers' chambers in New Zealand to follow an English model, although with a number of modifications reflecting the different Barristers Rules, and legal professional practices in New Zealand.

In 1993 Jennifer Gibson joined to become one of Harbour Chambers' key members, while John Walker and Jane Lovell-Smith left, in 1993 and 1994 respectively, to become District Court Judges. David Howman joined in 1994, leaving in 2003 to join the World Anti-Doping Agency where he is currently its Director General.

Rebecca Scott, Andrew Beatson and Gaeline Phipps joined Harbour Chambers in 2001. Matthew McClelland QC replaced David Howman in 2003 and further growth followed with the arrival of Adam Lewis and Isobel Egerton in the same year. Since that time, Andrew Beatson, Isobel Egerton and Gaeline Phipps have left Chambers to further their legal careers in other ways.

Phernne Tancock, Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Palmer QC, Elana Geddis, Kevin Riordan, Susanne Ruthven and Paul Morten have joined Harbour Chambers over recent years. Susanne Ruthven left Chambers in August 2017, with Callum Reid joining December 2017.